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Related Church Documents

# Title Subtitle / English Title Date Author External Link
1. Vigilanti cura Vigilant Eye June 29, 1936 Pius XI Vatican link
2. The Ideal Film Exortations of His Holiness Pius XII to representatives of the world of the cinema June 21, 1955 & October 25, 1955 Pius XII Vatican link
3. Miranda Prorsus On Motion Pictures, Radio, and Television September 8, 1957 Pius XII Vatican link
4. Apostolic Letter proclaiming Saint Claire as Heavenly Patron of Television August 21, 1958 Pius XII  
5. Boni Pastoris The Good Shepherd February 22, 1959 John XXIII Vatican link
6. Inter Mirifica Decree on the Media of Social Communications December 4, 1963 Vatican Council II Vatican link
7. In fructibus multis to establish the Pontifical Commission for Social Communications April 2, 1964 Paul VI  
8. Letter to Artists April 4, 1999 John Paul II Vatican link
9. The Rapid Development** To those responsible for communications January 24, 2005 John Paul II Vatican link
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