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Here is a collection of Church documents related to the media and it’s place in the Church. This issue is of such great importance for our time that the Vatican established the Pontifical Council for Social Communications (PCSC) on January 30, 1948 (at the time, known as the Pontifical Commission for the Study and Ecclesiastical Evaluation of Films on Religious or Moral Subjects). With the Second Vatican Council, the issue again was seen as so important that it warranted its own document, Inter Mirifica (the Decree on the Media of Social Communications)

In response to Inter Mirifica, Pope Paul VI created an annual World Communications Day (WCD) beginning in 1967 for which the pope releases a message in regards to the theme for that year.

Although there are no General Audiences that address this topic directly, here you will find the documents from the PCSC, the Messages for WCD, and other relevant Church documents relating to the media and social communications.

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