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Mary, the Mother of God

Here is the series of catecheses on the Blessed Virgin Mary by Pope John Paul II. This series follows John Paul II’s Catechesis on the Church and precedes his Catechesis on Salvation History. It began on September 6, 1995, and concluded on November 12, 1997, and it includes 70 general audiences. 

These audiences were formerly available in book form from Pauline Books & Media; however, the book is now out of print. You might be able to find the book on or other such places where used books are available. 

Audiences #40-70 are available on the Vatican Website under John Paul II’s Audiences for 1996 and 1997

EWTN’s website contains all 70 audiences on Mary in their archive of documents of John Paul II. All of the General Audiences on Mary are here in this index, but there is no table of contents. Each audience contains “BVM” in the URL, so a word search will locate the relevant audiences (which are all linked to in the Audiences section of this site).

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