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The Dignity and Importance of Labor

Yesterday, for the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, Pope Francis turned his attention to the topic of work  Here is the excerpt:

Dear Brothers and Sisters: On this first day of May, Mary’s month, we celebrate
the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker. Joseph, the carpenter of Nazareth, reminds
us of the dignity and importance of labour. Work is part of God’s plan for the
world; by responsibly cultivating the goods of creation, we grow in dignity as
men and women made in God’s image. For this reason, the problem of unemployment
urgently demands greater social solidarity and wise and just policies. I also
encourage the many young people present to look to the future with hope, and to
invest themselves fully in their studies, their work and their relationships
with others. Saint Joseph, as a model of quiet prayer and closeness to Jesus,
also invites us to think about the time we devote to prayer each day. In this
month of May, the Rosary naturally comes to mind as a way to contemplate the
mysteries of Christ’s life. May Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary help us to be
faithful in our daily work and to lift up our minds and hearts to Jesus in

As with last week, there is no text on the Radio Vaticana site.  So we will have to wait for the full text.


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