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A Leap Back to the Virtues

As there was no General Audience this Leap Day, I thought I would take a look back to some lesser known, oft-overlooked catecheses.

The Vatican website now has the English translations of Pope John Paul I’s Wednesday Audiences (there are only four of them).  As with his successors, he hit the ground running by starting up a Catechesis on the Virtues, which he described as (borrowing a phrase from Blessed Pope John XXIII) the “Seven Lamps of Sanctification.”

Only making it through the theological virtues before his untimely death, Blessed Pope John Paul II wasted no time in picking up on the theme and dedicated his very first four audiences to the cardinal virtues in order to complete what his predecessor started.

Here are the links to the audiences on the Vatican website:

  1. Introduction (September 6, 1978)
  2. The Virtue of Faith (September 13, 1978)
  3. The Virtue of Hope (September 20, 1978)
  4. The Virtue of Charity (September 27, 1978)
  5. The Virtue of Prudence (October 25, 1978)
  6. The Virtue of Justice (November 8, 1978)
  7. The Virtue of Fortitude/Courage (November 15, 1978)
  8. The Virtue of Temperance (November 22, 1978)

This makes a great Lenten meditation!


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