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St. Clare of Assisi (Part 3)

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Here is the article on the audience on St. Clare of Assisi from Zenit.  It contains a few different excerpts from the audience than the VIS article, focusing largely on St. Clare as an influential leader:

Pope: It’s the Saints Who Change the World

Reflects on Example of Beloved Woman-Saint, Clare of Assisi

VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 15, 2010 ( It is the saints who change the world, Benedict XVI says, affirming that they are the “great benefactors of humanity.”

The Pope made this affirmation today during the weekly general audience when he reflected on St. Clare of Assisi, whom he referred to as “one of the most beloved saints” of history.

The Holy Father spoke of the saint’s role as a bride of Christ, and how in this way, she reflected the identity of the Church.

“Over the course of history innumerable women like Clare and her companions have been fascinated by Christ who, in the beauty of his Divine Person, fills their hearts,” he said. “And the entire Church, through the mystic nuptial vocation of consecrated virgins, shows what she will always be: the beautiful and pure Bride of Christ.”

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